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   I was that kid in your science class that drew all day long. My class time was spent sketching pieces for myself and friends, while my afternoons where spend in a mechanics shop. I have always been a hard working gear head, artist, nerd, and a creator.

   After a few years as one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, a couple kids, and some time in college, I ended up in Florida slinging paint, and working for another company, building and repairing cremation machines. I enjoyed the warm nights and beach life, until one morning, I returned home from the event that is Biketoberfest, only to find my roommate and best friend standing outside our burned down home. The situation left my family in a tactical retreat back north.


   After an unsuccessful search for formal work, I decided to take the remaining $300 in my bank account, and go all in turning my craft that I devoted so many years to learning and perfecting into a legitimate business. Using the name Smitty, a nickname I was given, in homage to my Great-Grandfather, I have been able to use my trade to provide for my family, give back to my community, teach my children good values, and enjoy friendships I would have never been blessed with otherwise. This adventure has had many challenges, but I am on of the lucky ones that can say that I truly love what I do for a living.


   As a wrench turner myself, I know that these cars, bikes, etc. hold a special place in the hearts and memories of my clients. The time, effort, emotion, and money, that we invest in our projects give them immense intangible value to us. Even those that purchase their pride and joy completed, had to work hard for that big check they wrote for that set of wheels.


   I deeply appreciate and respect the trust my clients place in me to do my job, and I never stop seeking to enhance my skills, or gain more knowledge in my craft. Each client, car, and motorcycle have a story, and I am both excited and honored to add to it.


   Family, friends, hard work, and honest hand shakes, are what we're about at Smitty's Pinstriping and Design, and I look forward meeting you at an upcoming show!


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