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How much does pinstriping cost?

- The costs varies based on the amount of work, colors, time, etc. The typical motorcycle job consisting of two colors, on two fenders and a gas tank, is roughly $350, for a ball park idea.

How long does the paint take to dry?

- Out doors in the sun, the paint is dry enough to move within an hour. However, physically touching the paint is NOT RECOMMENDED for at least twenty four hours.

Do I need to come to you or can you come to me?

- Customers are always free to leave vehicles, parts, and other objects to be painted with me at my home shop, but I do offer the convenience of coming to your home or place of business, which requires a $50 deposit to hold the appointment date and time.

How long does the pinstriping/artwork last?

- I warranty my work for the life of the vehicle, and the work should be considered perminent. If you should feel like the paint color is fading, or did not adhere to the vehicle properly, be sure to call me as soon as possible to address the issue.

What type of paint do you use?

- The paint I use is an oil based enamel, made by Alpha6 Corporation. I also will use urethane based paints if that better suits the application 

Does the pinstriping/artwork need to be clearcoated over?

- It does not, but that can be done if so desired by an experienced painter. This paint is an enamel, and designed to be in the elements.

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