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Promotional Products Are Superb Branding Tools

Having your company’s name and logo applied to your business’s motor vehicles

is an excellent way to advertise your organization and its services. Your name and

logo go wherever your trucks, vans and cars go, which could be as close as one

mile or as far away as 100 miles. Whoever sees your vehicles out and about will be

reminded of your company and its services or, if they don’t already know about it,

they’ll become newly aware of it.

Be a smart marketer and have the highly creative professionals at Smitty’s

Pinstriping & Design create attractive lettering and signage on all of your

business’s means of transportation. Smitty’s highly artistic specialists use only top-

quality paint and equipment, and customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Whether you’re building an organization or expanding it, branding is a crucial part

of its long-term strategy. It’s an essential component in your efforts to attain and

retain customers.

Branding means visual-identity aspects. These physical items bring awareness to

your business and build connections between you and your market. They help you

stand out by playing an effective role in the growth and success of your business

and in targeting customers.

There’s also the aspect of credibility in that if an unmarked van or truck pulls into

customers’ driveways, they might be very leery of the vehicle’s intent and wonder

if it’s legitimate. The signage on your vehicle will give it identification and


Smitty’s Pinstriping & Design knows how to add one or more visual features that

will make your organization’s vehicles stand out and show that they’re uniquely

yours. Our top priorities are customer service and customer satisfaction. We also

know that you and your vehicles deserve superb care and attention! To start the

process, book an appointment online or by calling 540-399-1591.

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